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Ash EU. ABC unedged 32mm

Ash EU. ABC unedged 32mm


Thickness: 32

Width: 100mm +

Length: 2000mm +

KD 10%

Price: CFR Main port

Measurement: Narrow wane, middle of the board




  • Description

    ABC Grade is cut from White Ash logs with a diameter of 30-55 cm. It is flat cut and selected after cutting. The D grade is selected out and A,B and C grade boards remain. Some of the center boards will have traces of grey heart.


    Delivery time: +- 6-10 weeks after order


    Contact us to get a specific quote for your required volumes and delivery time.


    Price is an indications as they can sligthly differ due to freight charges or market conditions. No rights can be derived from these indications.

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